Next week our 26th Collection opens at Merc Haus. :) We are pretty jazzed about that.  A lot of magic seems to happen in the run up to the opening of a collection.  These are our favorite weeks at the studio. Getting all of the pieces to come together.   New stuff everyday.  LOTS of making.  LOTS of moving stuff around.  Some late nights.  Fun/crazy conversations.  And an occasional four letter word. :)   So our new friends at Crazyhorse Films are going to spend time with us this week and try and capture a little bit of what happens around here.  And then edit it down into a short clip. (I'm glad that's not my assignment!)

Will be a fun week, and hopefully we'll be able to share it with you soon.

The shop will be closed this week as we take everything down and create a whole new collection for you.

Please come be a part of the opening celebration next Saturday from 4-7pm! :)

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