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Merc Haus Gnome

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Everyone needs a magical creature keeping watch over them! This enchanted gnome is charmingly mischievous.

These ceramic creatures are glazed and fired in your choice of nine vibrant colors. Outdoor safe, but we recommend bringing them inside during extreme weather. (But, then again, that's just a nice thing to do.) Each MercHaus Pet is assigned a unique number and we keep a detailed birth record here at the studio.

10" tall x 4" wide

These little fellas make great gifts for housewarming, new babies, wedding centerpieces, birthdays, and any gift giving you want remembered.

Each gnome is created at the time of your order. Please allow approximately 2 - 3 weeks for creation. We often ship sooner, but these magical creatures are POPULAR and created by hand one at a time. We promise they are worth the wait! :)

*Please feel free to email or call the studio to find out what MercHaus pets may be available for immediate shipping. or 610-258-4046

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